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AYUMI ENDO_Gratitude_Circle.jpg

Hello, I’m AYUMI.

I created this painting to express my gratitude to the medical workers 
who risk their lives tirelessly to help for the infected people 
while the coronavirus pandemic continues.

Since last year,

I have been listening to the real voices of the nurses and doctors. 
The more I got to know about them,

the more I suffered from my own helplessness.

In such a situation, 
I kept asking myself this question 
"What can I do now?", 
and this work was born.

The main characters in this painting are medical workers and us.
The tears shed by the woman represent "determination," 
and the white dove that wishes for peace signifies

"the beginning of a new stage".

"The candle illuminates people by reducing their bodies." 
represents medical workers who keep on caring for people 
despite their own sacrifices and risks, 
and by holding it in the hand, 
I also put my heart into that

I’d like to protect their precious existence.

The round circle of eucalyptus leaves represents

"karma" or "connection",

which means " Our actions will come back to us"

and "We are definitely connected".

The language of the eucalyptus flower is

" solace" and "tree of resurrection".

By painting them in rainbow colors,

I pray for the resurrection beyond diversity.

The green ribbon says,
which is words from medical workers and
words from us.

I put my feeling of the importance of thinking of

each other and appreciating each other into it.


And finally, I have a favor to ask of you.

For me,

this painting is a kind of tool to connect with all of you

whom I have been separated from and haven't been able to see.

I’d like everyone to complete this work together,

so I've made a special free download of this painting here!

I would be grateful if anyone who sees this art work,

listens to my thoughts, and feels something,

even just a little, would take action and help me along with this work!

I believe

that the best way to encourage medical workers on the front lines

is for each of them to continue to make efforts to avoid

the infection and to prevent it from spreading.

What can we do now?

I sincerely hope that the feelings expressed

in this painting will be shared by many people,

and that it will encourage medical workers

and people suffering from covid-19.


★My son jumped in to shoot a video before his bath,

so I apologize for him being naked on top.★

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